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Sun Dogs Parasail Info 

  • Parasail Rates depend on the time of year & how you book. In general, we parasail from 3/1-10/31.  

  • Call, Text, or Click to get Current Rates (850) 259-1898

  • We only take 6 people on our boat, not 12-15 like other companies. Total Roundtrip is approx. 1 hr.

  • Parasail Rides are approx. 10-12+ minutes and we have 1000ft of line and get you up as high as we can.

  • Spectators must meet the same requirements as parasailors. 

  • You can pay cash or we accept all major credit cards. There is an ATM on site that only charges 99 cents.

  • Our Cash Discount is the cheapest way to go. All taxes and fees are included in the price. When you book online or pay Card, sales tax is added on top plus an online booking fee of 6% when you book online. (Industry Standard)

  • You may bring a small bag with your belongings and bottled water ONLY on the boat. No coolers, food, drinks, glass bottles, or sunblock allowed. Please apply all sunblock before boarding.

  • What to wear? You can go fully clothed or in your swimsuit. You don't have to get wet if you don't want to, but the "Dip" is a super fun part of the ride. We do not wear shoes on the boat. We leave them locked up on the Dock. However, you may wear water shoes ONLY if you carry them with you and put them on right before you board.

Check out our Specials! 

Our Best Parasail Deal is our Cash Discount, all taxes and fees included!  Save close to $20-$30 per double (depending on time of year) when you pay cash with Sun Dogs as opposed to buying tickets online (rate+tax+booking fees) with other Parasail Companies.

Call or Text to book! (850) 259-1898 



Due to strict Insurance Safety Regulations you cannot Parasail, be a Spectator IF:

  •  Any Woman is Pregnant 

  •  Any Child is under 6 years old

  •  Any Person weighs over 250lbs.

  •  Any Person that cannot sit, stand, or walk on their own

  •  Any Person that cannot follow simple instructions (this is not meant to be funny)

  •  Any Person OBVIOUSLY under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  •  Any Person that has a mental or physical disability that could jeopardize their own Safety, the Crew's Safety or another Guest's Safety.

Sun Dogs Parasail reserves the right to refuse to service to

anyone if we feel Safety could be jeopardized.

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