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Sun Dogs Parasail Info 

  • Parasail Rates depend on the time of year & how you book. In general, we parasail from 3/1-10/31.  

  • Call, Text, or Click to get Current Rates (850) 259-1898

  • We only take 6 people on our boat, not 12-15 like other companies. Total Roundtrip is approx. 1 hr.

  • Parasail Rides are approx. 10-12+ minutes and we have 1000ft of line and get you up as high as we can.

  • Spectators must meet the same requirements as parasailors. 

  • You can pay cash or we accept all major credit cards. There is an ATM on site that only charges 99 cents.

  • Our Cash Discount is the cheapest way to go. All taxes and fees are included in the price. When you book online or pay Card, sales tax is added on top plus an online booking fee of 6% when you book online.

  • You may bring a small bag with your belongings and bottled water ONLY on the boat. No coolers, food, drinks, glass bottles, or sunblock allowed. Please apply all sunblock before boarding.

  • What to wear? You can go fully clothed or in your swimsuit. You don't have to get wet if you don't want to, but the "Dip" is a super fun part of the ride. We do not wear shoes on the boat. We leave them locked up on the Dock.

Check out our Specials! 

Our Best Parasail Deal is our Cash Discount, all taxes and fees included!  Save close to $20-$30 per double (depending on time of year) when you pay cash as opposed to buying tickets online.
Fall Double Cash Rate = $130 total,  Fall Double Online Rate= $158.20 total,
Summer Double Cash Rate = $150 total, Summer Double Online Rate = $180.80 total

Call or Text to book! (850) 259-1898 
Photo Packages:
Take home an SD Card of your Destin Parasailing Adventure with tons of Pics!
$30 for 2-3 flyers 30-40 Pics+
$40 for 4-6 flyers 50-70 Pics+

Go Pro Video Package:
Take home an HD Ultra, Class 10, Micro SD Card with your own Parasailing Go Pro Video! You are in control, taking the video with a Go Pro Hero 5 Black attached to Selfie Stick.
$30 for 2-3 flyers
$40 for 4-6 flyers

Go Pro/Photo Combo Deal:
Do the Go Pro from the Parasail and get still photos from the boat! Take home the SD Card and microSD Ultra Card.
$50 for 2-3 flyers
$70 for 4-6 flyers

Purchase your Photo or Video Packages before you board!
Parasail Prices with Sun Dogs Parasail Destin
parasail destin go pro photo package

Things to Know Before You Book:

  • Combined minimum weight needs to be at least 200lbs with NO wind. If we have more wind we need more weight. Please call or text me if you have questions about minimum combined weight.

  • Combined maximum weight is 375-450lbs. depending on the wind and what size Chute we are flying. If you have questions about max weight capacity, call or text me. 

  • If an individual weighs more than 250lbs we cannot fly them or allow them to be a Spectator. Please call or text if you are just a little over 250lbs. 

  • Flying 3 at a time depends on the wind and weight of the flyers. So with 3 flyers, if they are too heavy to fly all 3 together, we will fly 2 doubles, flying someone twice at no additional charge.  The Captain will always do what's safest and we won't make anyone fly by themselves. 

  • If you book over the phone, you pay when you show up for the appt. We take a credit card just to hold your Reservation. We require 24hrs to cancel or change the # of people in your reservation to avoid being charged the total amount you reserved for.

  • If you book online, you pay the entire amount at the time of booking. There is a 6% non-refundable service charge that no matter what, the online booking company keeps it. Even if you don't get to fly due to weather or ANY reason, the online booking company keeps their 6% fee. To avoid this fee, call or text to book and pay when you show up.

  • We suggest calling us right before you get in town, or a few days before you want to fly. That way we can tell you the best weather days to fly while you're here and we can book your appt. then. Don't book your Parasail Appt for the last day of your vacation.  If weather is bad you might not be able to reschedule if you're leaving town the next day.

  • Arrive at least 20 min prior to your appt! Traffic is terrible during Spring Break and Summer. Please allow yourself ample travel time. The boat will leave on schedule, with or without you and there will be NO REFUNDS if you miss the boat!

  • Safety is our #1 Priority, it is not just a slogan! If the weather is unsafe at the time of your appt., we will not fly. We will reschedule you for another time or you may cancel.

  • If bad weather happens while you are on the boat and you haven't parasailed yet, we will bring you back in, refund your money, then reschedule if you are able. 

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel or change the # of people in the reservation you must do so no later than 24 hours prior. No Refunds for No Shows or if you are late and you might NOT be rescheduled. You must call and speak with Sun Dogs when you cancel in order to receive a refund.


Due to strict Insurance Safety Regulations you cannot Parasail, be a Spectator IF:

  •  Any Woman is Pregnant 

  •  Any Child is under 6 years old

  •  Any Person weighs over 250lbs.

  •  Any Person that cannot sit, stand, or walk on their own

  •  Any Person that cannot follow simple instructions (this is not meant to be funny)

  •  Any Person OBVIOUSLY under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  •  Any Person that has a mental or physical disability that could jeopardize their own Safety, the Crew's Safety or another Guest's Safety.

Sun Dogs Parasail reserves the right to refuse to service to

anyone if we feel Safety could be jeopardized.

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