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  Sun Dogs Parasailing Discounts 


Parasailing Cash Discounts:

$70 FLAT per person when you pay Cash!
$65 FLAT per person w/ 4 or more Flyers
when you pay Cash!
  • All taxes and fees are included when you pay cash and book via call or text.
  • We just need a credit card to hold your spots on the boat.
  • Nothing is charged on your card at the time of booking, however if you cancel or show up with less than the # you booked for, your card will be charged the entire amount unless you cancel or change # of people within 24 hours of your appointment time.  
  • You pay when you show up for your appt.  
  • Not Valid with any other offers or discounts.
Do the math with other Parasail Companies!
  • For Example: Their $65 rate per person comes to a total of $146.90 for a 2 person parasail ride after they add on 7% Sales Tax and 6% Booking Fee for a total of 13% added on to the base price.
  • If you pay $70 per person cash with us your total is $140 TOTAL for a 2 person parasail ride AND you aren't packed on like sardines with 15 people AND you get at 10-12+ minute Ride! Not 3-4 min. like other companies will do.
  • We only take 6 people max on our boat , we fly you 10-12+ minutes, and we are Owner-Operators so we actually care about the experience you have with us.  
Forget the Rest, Fly with the Best!

ATM on site!

Only 99 cents!

Call or Text Us To Book!
(850) 259-1898

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