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  Sun Dogs Parasailing Discounts 


Parasailing Cash Discounts:

$60 FLAT per person when you pay Cash!
  • All taxes and fees are included when you pay cash and book over the phone.
  • We just need a credit card to hold your spots on the boat.
  • Nothing is charged on your card at the time of booking, however if you cancel or show up with less than the # you booked for, your card will be charged the entire amount unless you cancel or change # of people within 24 hours of your appointment time.  
  • You pay when you show up for your appt.  
  • Not Valid with any other offers or discounts.
Do the math with other Parasail Companies!
  • Their $55 rate per person comes to $124.30 for a double parasail ride when they add on 7% Sales Tax and 6% Booking Fee for a total of 13% added on to the base price.
  • If you pay $60 cash with us your total is $120 TOTAL for a double AND you aren't packed on like sardines with 15 people AND you get at 10-12+ minute Ride! Not 3-4 min. like other companies will do.
  • We only take 6 people max on our boat , we fly you 10-12+ minutes, and we are Owner-Operators so we actually care about the experience you have with us.  
Forget the Rest, Fly with the Best!

Call or Text Us To Book!
(850) 259-1898

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