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(850) 259-1898

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* If using GPS, there are 4 AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar Locations but Sun Dogs  is ONLY located at the AJ's on Destin Harbor.

* Also, there is an old, FORMER address for Sun Dogs on the web, but we only have 1 location and that is:

Sun Dogs Parasail

116 Harbor Blvd.

Destin, Fl 32541

Sun Dogs Parasailing  is located at AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar on the Destin Harbor which is on the very West end of Destin, Fl. 


During High Season:
We ask that you Park in the AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar OVERFLOW Parking Lot which is on the NORTH side of HWY 98. Look for the HUGE Metal buoy w/ Red, Blue, & Yellow Stripes that says, "Parking AJ's" like the one shown in the pic. 
Parking Cost:
Parking cost is $5/hr maxing out at $20 per day.
WARNING:  DO NOT lose your Parking Ticket! 
 $50 fee for Lost Parking Tickets!

During Off Season (In between Spring, Summer, and Fall Break):
You can try to park in the Main AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar Restaurant Parking Lot on South side of HWY 98 IF there is No Parking Lot Attendant telling you otherwise.

AJs Destin Parking Landmark

Booth Location:


  • From the AJ's Northside Overflow Parking Lot, use the Stop Light Crosswalk to cross to the Southside of Hwy 98 towards AJ's and the Harbor.  

  • If you are in the correct parking lot, you will see a large metal turquoise building with dolphins painted on it.

  • Directly behind that building, on the south side (Harbor side) of building, you will find a set of stairs that takes you down to Harbor Level (stairs have a huge arrow sign).

  • At the bottom of the stairs walk diagonal right and our blue booth is 50FT from the bottom of the stairs in front of the huge Jumbotron TV.

  • Don't walk too far!  We are on the AJs property, under the huge red, white, and blue tarps by all the long wooden tables in the outdoor seating area on the West side of  AJs.  You'll see our Sun Dogs Logo on our hut roof and sides of hut. 


**If you see "Gallati Yacht Sales" you are on the East side of AJ's Restaurant. Sun Dogs Parasail Booth is on the WEST SIDE of AJ's!**

Sun Dogs Parasail Booth_edited.jpg
Stairs down to Destin Harbor
AJs Seafood & Oyster Bar outdoor seating area

(850) 259-1898
We answer our phones from 7am-8pm 7 days a week. 

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